Hair Nation: The Interview

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Hair Nation: The Interview

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The only in-depth Q&A interview with the band you’ll see taking the stage at the St. Paddy Day Half K in Ellensburg, WA. Get your Paddy dance pants on!

Iron Horse Brewery is taking you back in time this March to the mid-80’s hair rock scene. Hair Nation has performed all over the country, but is traveling to Ellensburg to put on the 80-est Paddy On Party ever.  Their sheer energy and dance-able set list will make you just want to have fun. You’ll just wanna, you’ll just wanna. Expect a powerful, high-energy show that will dazzle your earholes. Think spandex, ripped jeans, BIG hair, the sounds of your past, and slap koozies.

Photo from 10-29-16 Rose Hill Hideout.

Iron Horse Brewery: Why the switch from the name Hair Storm to Hair Nation?
Hair Nation: We were never Hair Storm. We have been Hair Nation since 2007. We were originally based out of Las Vegas, NV
IHB: Well that’s embarrassing…. We’ll just move on from that.

Photo by: Joe Orsillo

IHB: How did Hair Nation become a band and why 80s rock?
Hair Nation: We became a band to give the people of our generation something to have. Nothin but a good time too like back in the 80’s.
IHB: That’s totally radical that you’re taking us back to the 80’s. We hope you bring mix tapes with you.

IHB: What is the best meal to eat before a gig?
Hair Nation: Most of us do not eat before shows.
IHB: Because you’re drinking indie beer right? Makes sense, gotta cut a little loose before you put on a great show.

Photo by: Joe Orsillo

IHB: How many hours do you spend on your hair a day?
Hair Nation: At least 2 hrs fluffing.
IHB:  You should own stock in AquaNet.

IHB: If you could go on tour with another 80s band, which one would it be and why?
Hair Nation: It would be Poison or Van Halen. We are all about having a good time.
IHB: We’d want to go runnin’ with the devil too.

IHB: How does the band like to Paddy On? Paddy On means celebrate St. Patrick’s Day for those who aren’t in the IHB know.
Hair Nation: We all about rolling in green Jello while listening to our fav 80’s hair metal tunes.
IHB: How does your hair stay so great when you’re rolling in green Jello? What’s the secret?

IHB: Which marshmallow in the lucky charms cereal is the best and why?
Hair Nation: I can’t answer because we do not eat breakfast. We party all night and get up for lunch!
IHB: *Adds Lucky Charms to Hair Nation’s lunch rotation.

Take A Listen

Unskinny Bop, 2018. Video by John Hanus.

Purchase your St. Paddy Day .5K tickets to get access to the show!
Hair Nation is family friendly or at least these kids think so. Photo taken on 8-13-16 at Auburn AugustFest by Josh Mortensen.

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